Client case study – how we answered business critical questions

Client case study – how we answered business critical questions

Client case study – how we answered business critical questions

Reporting Problem

Neverland Store were facing the same problem many online retailers experience whilst seeing their business grow. How can they access the information they need to effectively manage this growth?

“We run our online store on Magento. It’s great as we can customise it to represent our brand and merchandise. Unfortunately though its poor reporting meant we couldn’t answer business critical questions like, what are my best sellers by brand and how much stock do we have on hand,” Scott White, Neverland Store’s Head of Online.

The Neverland Store had tried other reporting platforms such as RJ Metrics but found they didn’t address their fundamental reporting requirements.

Reporting Solution

Moco Insight, the Magento reporting platform was able to provide the level of reporting the Neverland Store required to effectively manage their online store. “We were able to set up our account online and from the start we had all the reports we wanted. The support and features from the get go has been brilliant.”

Armed with the reports Neverland Store needs, they are able to forecast and effectively manage their inventory on a weekly basis. The additional customer segmentation also means they can personalised marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness.

An added bonus was Moco Insight synchronies with Neverland Store’s product attributes. This has meant they can now use their product attributes such as ‘manufacturer’ and ‘garment type’ to create custom reports.

“Moco Insight is now integral to managing our online store. The custom report builder means we are able to create the reports we need using any of our data. Couldn’t be happier with this product,”said White.


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