Harnessing mobile device’s e-commerce potential

Harnessing mobile device’s e-commerce potential

With e-commerce analytics from ShopVisible’s 2013 Influence & Impact eCommerce Benchmarking Report showing 30 per cent of 2013’s site traffic coming from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), having a mobile-optimised website is becoming ever more of a necessity. Here are four things to keep in mind when optimising your online presence.

Load times

The entire point of having internet access on a mobile device is being able to look up information and services while you’re on the go, and a crucial part of that is quickness of access. If it takes more than one hand to count the number of seconds your website takes to load then you’re in trouble. Google has told website owners, designers, and developers that its target is for mobile pages to load in a second or less. If a website has an excessive load-time, not only will mobile users become frustrated, search engines could penalise it and make it less visible.

Mobile optimised text

Just because your text looks great on a desktop monitor doesn’t mean it will have the same effect on a screen that fits in the palm of your hand. Visitors can become frustrated with websites that require them to pinch and zoom to read every little detail. Optimising your website for mobile screens can help to reduce your bounce rate.

Right sized images

Images have the opposite problem to text; where unoptimised text can look like tiny scratches, unoptimised images can dominate the average smartphone’s screen, not to mention the over-large image will come with an over-large file size that slows down the website’s loading time.

Ease of navigation

When a website isn’t optimised, customers can have trouble taking the next step in a purchase. Calls to action get buried at the bottom of pages, buy buttons are hard to find and contact details go MIA. Mobile shoppers are also prone to impulse buys according to a recent survey commissioned by Rackspace, so any roadblock that makes a purchase harder could increase the bounce rate.

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