Showing some personality – Humanising your brand

Showing some personality – Humanising your brand

Seeing business as just the transaction of goods and services is an easy trap to fall into. While the essence of this thought is true, it is important to remember commerce is a transaction between people, and people are social creatures that prefer to do business with those they have a good relationship with.

Press releases and marketing campaigns have their place, but modern e-commerce marketing  is a dialogue that is becoming ever more immediate. Building relationships and having conversations is increasingly more important than the number of people on your mailing list.

So what does it take to humanise your brand? Here are three tips to get started.

Know your company's personality

A person without personality isn't much fun to talk to, so the crucial first step is asking what your company's authentic personality is. Trying to give off the aura of a personality that doesn't match the company's culture is like painting a battleship neon-pink; people are going to see through the facade and it generally comes across as awkward at best. 

Jettison the jargon

You're trying to create a personal connection with your customers? Then speak like a person. Imagine having a face-to-face conversation with someone and they give you a spiel that sounds like it came out of a technical manual; it would kill the sense that you were having a two-way conversation.

Harness what you already have

Your company may not have a hundred thousand online followers, but it does have a group of people who apparently like it enough to spend several days a week working to make it succeed.  Your employees can be your greatest brand ambassadors. While there are naturally limits on what you want them saying while associated with the company (avoiding politics is a no-brainer for example), many businesses could benefit greatly from their staff's online support.

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