Study: Content marketing powerful, but write your strategy down

Study: Content marketing powerful, but write your strategy down

The majority of B2B businesses are now using content marketing according to new research. However, barely a third of companies have a written strategy for getting the most out of it.

The study by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) put the number of B2B businesses using content marketing as part of their e-commerce marketing strategy at 83 per cent, but said 48 per cent operated using just a verbal strategy and 14 per cent had no defined strategy at all.

Companies that had a written strategy were found to use a wider array of social platforms (seven compared to five for those without a strategy), published content more often (55 per cent published daily or multiple times a week, compared to 25 per cent) and used a wider variety of approaches to maximise their outcomes (14 tactics compared to 11).

Founder of CMI Joe Pulizzi said the key takeaway of the research "is something we've been continuously stressing at CMI for a while now: Marketers who take the time to document their content marketing strategy are more effective than those who don't".

A verbal strategy was a great starting point, but taking the time to document the process was a crucial follow-up step, Mr Pulizzi said. 

"B2B marketers who have a documented strategy are more effective and less challenged with every aspect of content marketing when compared with their peers who only have a verbal strategy or no strategy at all," he explained.

Of respondents that had a documented strategy, 60 per cent said their organisation was effective, but just 32 per cent of those operating from a verbal strategy said the same of their organisation, and only 7 per cent of those without a strategy.

"The lesson is clear," Mr Pulizzi said,. "If you want to be more effective at content marketing, take the time to record your strategy and follow it closely." 

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