3 e-commerce tips for the holidays

3 e-commerce tips for the holidays

In the lead up to the holiday spending season e-commerce companies are going to want their websites to be models of slick efficiency, driving traffic and converting that into purchases. Here are three tips to help make it happen.

Knowledge is power

A good e-commerce analytics package lets you break down your website's performance. Who is visiting it? Where are they coming from? Do they hang around on your website for long and which pages do they look at? If they clicked "buy", how far through the process did they get before abandoning the sale?

The answers to these questions can provide the insights needed to drive more traffic, and to identify bottlenecks and potholes on the website that turn potential sales into just another abandoned cart. Knowing what the problems are is the first step to fixing them.


The holiday rush isn't quite here yet, so make use of e-commerce tracking software to test ideas. They doesn't have to be radical, it could be as simple as changing the colour of a few icons. The impact may not be huge, but finding 10 things that shift the needle by 1 per cent each can make a big difference.  

Embrace change

Nothing stays the same forever, and the internet changes faster than most the technologies. If your website is more than a few years old, then chances are that it's not incorporating the latest design features and philosophies including social media integration. 

Mobile commerce, while making up a relatively small slice of purchases, makes up a large amount of traffic and it's an amount that's growing each year. Mobile users may not always buy products right off the bat, but they're on your website for a reason. If the website isn't mobile optimised, then you may end up seeing a big chunk of your online audience leave in exasperation.

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