Study reveals the keys to cross-border e-commerce

Study reveals the keys to cross-border e-commerce

New research has identified several key areas that e-commerce marketing companies can focus on when seeking to break through national barriers. 

The Pitney Bowes "Global Online Shopping Study" looked into the consumer attitudes of 12,000 people across 12 countries. It showed that nearly 40 per cent of people had bought goods on the internet from outside their country's borders. Of the people who bought items from overseas, the overwhelming majority had experience in e-commerce, with 96 per cent having made online purchases in the past.

"As a result, retailers based in these countries are in a great position to tap into this trend to expand their reach to global buyers," Pitney Bowes said in a press release. 

Australians were found to be the most likely to buy outside of their own country (63 per cent) followed by Canada and Russia (54 per cent). 

The three main reasons identified for shopping internationally were better prices, product availability and more choice. However, barriers identified that dissuaded people from buying from overseas included high shipping costs (68 per cent), additional fees including as import duties, or taxes (58 per cent) and the time it took for the items to be delivered (42 per cent). 

Safety was another concern of many shoppers, with less than half of online shoppers (46 per cent) saying they thought it was safe to order products online from overseas. Japanese consumers being the most cagey (only 17 per cent thought it was safe).

America was the favourite nation for most of the world to order goods from, with 70 per cent of shoppers considering buying products from there. The exception to this was Russia, with only 35 per cent of Russian shoppers saying they would consider ordering from America. 

One step e-tailers can take to boost consumer confidence is international order-tracking, which was important to around 40 per cent of those surveyed in Brazil, the US and Japan.

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