Moco Insight releases shipping reporting for e-commerce sites

Moco Insight releases shipping reporting for e-commerce sites

Moco Insight, an advanced Magento reporting platform, today announced it has added Temando shipping reporting for clients. This means e-commerce stores can better monitor the final step of the sales process – delivery.

Moco Insight, a leading Magento reporting solution, provides out of the box in-depth product, customer and transactional reports for clients to use to effectively measure, manage and grow their online store. Set up via any web browser, Moco Insight is the most feature rich turn key reporting solution available to Magento users.

“The industry is well aware of the problems e-commerce companies face in delivering items to their customers. The speed and cost of this final step is so crucial in terms of customer satisfaction, driving repeat customer purchases and profit margins,” said Carolyn Harrington, CEO of Moco Insight. “So from today we are giving our clients complete transparency on their shipping times, cost of shipping, delays etc. by adding it to our reporting capabilities.”

“We chose to start reporting on Temando as they are a shipping plugin with a great reputation. They are also experiencing dramatic growth which we are seeing more and more when looking at what our clients are using,” says Harrington. “This is the first of many shipping plugins we will be supporting.”

The new shipping reporting feature released by Moco Insight means Magento sites will be able to better understand the impact of their shipping. So moving forward e-commerce stores can calculate for example the true financial impact of free shipping, or how shipping time effects repeat purchases.

Moco Insight released this new functionality and it can be viewed as part of a 14 day trial or by our existing clients.

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