Using Magento data to grow your online store

Using Magento data to grow your online store

Magento Live Presentation – Using Magento data to grow your online store

Magento held their annual flagship Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas this April. The event saw 2400+ attendees talking all things Magento for two days. The event was huge and I am sure people need a few days to recover!

Our CEO, Carolyn Harrington, had the opportunity to speak at the conference. Her presentation was on how to use your Magento data effectively to grow your online store. It covered:

  • What Magento data you should focus on
  • Examples of using your customer Magento data
  • Examples of using your product Magento data

Some of the Magento data points you should pay particular attention to are:

  • Number of times purchased – a customer is only a true customer after they purchase 2+ times
  • Weeks since last purchased – need to keep the number of weeks down
  • Recency, Frequency & Monetary value – this is the best way to locate your VIPs
  • New customer sign ups

The response to Carolyn’s using Magento data to grow your online store presentation was great. Attendees feedback was “finally a presentation with take aways you can use to grow your online store”.

Here is a link to video of her presentation that looks at the data points you need to focus on and how to combine them for better impact:

Please take the time to watch the above video as it is full of handy hints and tips that you can start using straight away!

If you have any questions or want a PDF of the presentation please contact

Happy viewing!


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