Moco Insight has marketing automation capabilities

Moco Insight has marketing automation capabilities

Did you know Moco Insight has marketing automation capabilities! Moco is focussed on helping our clients grow their online store. Every customer engagement and non engagement is an opportunity to get a sale. To make this easier for our clients we integrated with MailChimp.

Moco integrates with MailChimp by merging your MailChimp subscribers and mail lists into Moco. Moco also adds merge fields to your MailChimp mail lists. By adding merge fields clients create automated marketing campaigns. Boom marketing automation has arrived.

MailChimp merge fields

Our clients can use the merge fields to create countless number of automated marketing campaigns within MailChimp. Here is the list of merge fields Moco currently pushes into MailChimp:

  • Customer first name
  • Customer last name
  • Customer gender
  • Magento member ID
  • If the customer is a member
  • Weeks since last purchased
  • Magento customer group
  • Customer sign up store (for multi store clients)
  • Customer state (address)
  • Customer country of residence
  • Customer city of residence
  • Customer year to date spend
  • Customer last date of sale
  • Customer first date of sale
  • Date became a customer
  • Date customer last updated their wishlist
  • Date customer last abandoned a cart
  • Number of times a customer has made a purchase
  • Lifetime value
  • Customer RFM score

Once integrated, Moco will update the above merge fields every hour in your MailChimp campaigns. This means every hour MailChimp can send the following automated marketing campaigns:

  • Welcome series
  • Lapsed customer series
  • Abandoned cart series
  • Wishlist sales series
  • VIP customer series

The above is just a few examples of the types of marketing automation you can create for your online store.

Creating and adding to mail list customer segments

Moco also brings across all your MailChimp subscribers, mail lists (per store) and mail list segments. Once this information has been brought into Moco you can:

  • Add to existing mail list customer list from within Moco
  • Create a new mail list customer segment and add to MailChimp from within Moco

Don’t worry Moco won’t breach any spam laws. Moco lets MailChimp veto any customer if they haven’t subscribed or have unsubscribed. So rest easy you won’t be hearing from the Spam Police.

The other great thing about Moco integrating with MailChimp is it won’t cost you anything. You heard correctly, Moco won’t charge for this integration. You get marketing automation for free. Got to love that.

So why not integrate your Moco and MailChimp accounts today and help grow your online store.

Try our FREE 14 day trial today and see how Moco Insight's reports and insights will grow your online store.